Ziggy Blasco knows how to turn fear into hate. A talk-back host whose power rests in his influence over his audience, he fills Sydney’s airwaves with his appeals to a particular brand of ‘common-sense’, his hard stance on terrorists and his lashings at political correctness. But in the private sphere, Ziggi’s influence is fading away. A scathing and bitingly funny play about the media personalities that dominate our lives and the divisions that can shatter families.

Young, charming and a go-getter, Jake is the ideal candidate for an executive position with a thriving local company. He’s welcomed aboard by his hard-working boss (the company’s smug CEO) and co-worker Melissa, who has all the intelligence, industry and integrity Jake lacks.

For Jake has a secret weapon: his skills at exploiting, manipulating and manoeuvring would put Machiavelli in the shade. He’s the Operator.

Cast : Influence – 3M, 4F / Operator – 3M, 3F