Cruise Control:  Three philandering, bickering and workaholic couples board a cruise ship travelling from London to New York for seven days of marital healing.  It doesn’t work.

Cast:  4M, 3F

Dream Home:   Dana and Paul’s dream turns into a nightmare when they find their perfect beachside apartment is festering with neighbours grudges, death threats, come ons, heart- to- hearts, the rancid smell of discarded prawns and oysters, and Paul’s ex girlfriend, married to a paranoiacally  jealous husband upstairs.

Cast:  3M, 4F

Happiness:  Williamson follows Roland, a Professor of Wellbeing, and his cynical wife Hanna and his feisty troubled daughter, as they grapple with just how hard Happiness is to achieve in real life as distinct from theory.

Cast: 5M, 2F

Jack of Hearts:  Jack is a lovable loser in desperate need of re-inventing himself as he quits his high pressure job and loses his wife to a rich, successful media personality. Williamson turns his gaze on the foibles and follies of married life and life itself.

Cast: 3M, 4F