On the Beach

Principle Screenwriter.  A remake of Neville Chute’s classic novel about the end of the world after a catastrophic nuclear war.  Melbourne is the last major city to survive the drifting cloud of radiation.  for Southern…

The Four Minute Mile

The story of the race to break the four minute mile between Australia’s John Landy and the Englishman Roger Bannister. Prod. Errol Sullivan/Pom Oliver. ABC/BBC co production. Dir. Jim Goddard.

A Dangerous Life

Television min series.   A drama set in the Philippines about the fall of the Marcos Regime and the rise of Cory Aquino. Producer: Hal McElroy Director: Robert Markowitz for U.S. Showtime.

The Perfectionist

A telemovie based on Williamson’s play of the same name. Producer: Patricia Lovell Director:  Chris Thomson

The Last Bastion

A Television Mini Series about the  relationship between Australian Prime Minister John Curtain and the American General MacArthur as the Japanese threaten to invade Australia in 1942.  Broadcast by Channel Nine and Overseas. Principal screenwriter…