Scarlett O’Hara a the Crimson Parrot

Scarlett is a 36-year-old waitress who lives with her mother, has no boyfriend, and spends too much time watching old romantic movies. In her working hours she re-runs the scenes from the films with her co-worker Gordon, the gay kitchen hand in the restaurant. As Scarlett drifts deeper into her reveries of Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, she takes her place as the heroine in each of their movies.

Let the Sunshine

What happens when people of widely different political views are forced to co-exist? Toby, a maker of hard-hitting documentaries, flees Sydney with his wife after a blow up with the press. He arrives at his old childhood haven only to find the simple town has been transformed into a playground for the wealthy and his old friend has become married to a wealthy property developer. Add the couple’s two incompatible offspring, a struggling musician and a ruthless corporate lawyer, and the scene is set for a vintage Williamson comedy.

Cast : Scarlett O’Hara – 4M, 3F ; Let the Sunshine – 3M, 3F